Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day: Stop Global Warming

"You don't have to believe in global warming; say it's all a big load of crap, OK? The only thing we'd be left with is cleaner air, more fuel-efficient vehicles, and water that doesn't mutate your children -- is there anything wrong with that?!?" ~ Ranting Gryphon

I could not have said it any better.

This year's theme for Blog Action Day is the environment. And I thought the best way I could get people to actually listen was to highlight the essentials. I honestly believe the Ranting Gryphon said everything he possibly could about the reality of global warming in just under 3 minutes. We can FEEL the world getting back at us as we speak. The charts and the graphic pictures of barren lands and polluted air give me chills every time, but I am aware that some people just don't give a rat's ass about them. If Al Gore's inconvenient truth didn't do it for you, nor did The Green Book, I think the Ranting Gryphon might hit a nerve, or seven. It proves to be a great challenge, but it's possible nonetheless.

Stop Global Warming. Let's.


Bobbie said...

Thanks for this interesting take on an important subject.

clairec23 said...

Strong words. The whole "water that doesn't mutate our children" bit really hits home with me. After all, that's who we should be doing it for, our children and the generations that follow.

kermitjohnson said...

Yeah, it just makes sense to phase out fossils, even if you don't believe in global warming.


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