Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Top 5: Reasons Why We Should Not Give Up

I haven't done this in a while, so I thought I'd write a new list for today. It's my top five reasons why no one should settle for a careless shrug, a passive grunt, a relieving albeit damaged sigh. Or, worse, acquiescence.

5. There are more things to look forward to. Even the uncertain is something to look forward to. I mean, isn't a fresh cup of coffee or pay day or that new hot guy who lives across the street worth waking up in the morning? Regret, pain, failures, blah, blah, blah. They'll be out of season as soon as you allow them. You plan, and plan, and plan, but then you realize the world is just not interested with that fancy bullet-point AVP you just prepared the last 27 years of your life. And, so what. You just gotta listen, move a few things around, adapt, initiate, affect. Over and over again, if you have to. Plans get screwed up, that's why they exist. Hope, optimism, butter, the actual churning of the butter -- all equally indispensable in times of despair...and when baking pie. After being served a crappy meal, sometimes the dessert can make up for it all.

4. Self-reliance is great, admirable even, but sometimes other people count on you, too. So what if you've had a gazillion failed relationships or your family isn't exactly how you pictured back in Kindergarten, with all the flowers and white picket fence and 50-year anniversaries. You can't just close the door and shut people out all because you're going through some crisis. Don't ever assume other people are better off or stronger than you. They, too, need you. That is a fact.

3. Everybody is allowed to fall flat on their face; that just makes us all special. Oprah struggled with her own issues -- weight, work, family problems -- and look where she's at now. And I'm pretty sure she still encounters a bunch of new ones from time to time. Yes, even her kind bleeds. No one is ever immune. So, I guess we should just have to give it a chance. ChanceS, if need be.

2. If you make room for errors, you also have to make room for success. Easier said than done, this one. I admit, victory does scare me sometimes. Even more than failing, which probably sounds a little crazy, I know. But isn't that why we're all here? To err, surmount, err, and surmount again? Such is life, no?

1. Never underestimate the power of inspiration. Just when I thought I was stuck in a rut and being held hostage by failure, I was reminded by someone dear, and smart, and INSPIRING that I was merely stopping for a breath of air. Resting. Relaxing, even. Moments of frailty, which can be overwhelming in numbers and gravity at times, just remind us how great everything else is. There's really nothing wrong with that, is there. So, I dare ask again, why give up.


Anonymous said...

This is so timely for me. I was surfing by and I wanted to say thanks for writing this. Everything has a purpose I know that now.

God bless you!

frenchkys said...

Everything has a purpose -- thanks for summing it all up. And thank you for stopping by, whoever you are. I'm glad this helped. Keep that chin up!!!