Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some Kind Of Wordless Wednesday: Tattooism

I have a week to make up my mind. But, so far, Thundercats are go!


t.m. said...

Me and my sisters have quite a few. Most are hidden but therein lies the fun. >:)I think that's a beautiful design. Did you draw that?

frenchkys said...

I wish I came up with it. But, no; a good friend of mine saw it online and suggested it since I was big on fire, flames, and the elements in general.

Yeah, I think getting ink can be a beautiful thing, especially when you've really put time and effort and meaning into it. MORE SO when you share the experience with people you love. Like you, for instance, with your sisters. That's awesome, by the way. I have cousins who all got identical star tattoos on their lower backs -- very pretty and symbolic indeed.

Thanks for sharing, TM! And for stopping by. Hope to see you around here again soon. ;)