Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Top 5: Talents And Skills I Want To Possess

I consider myself pretty talented. I mean, I know how to carry a tune, play the guitar, write me some poetry or music when inspired enough. But there are still a few things I could think of that I want to be great at. And here's my top five (trust me, the list just goes on and on)...

5. The guitar. I know, I know, I said I knew how to play it. I didn't say I was good though. I realize I am exceptionally good when no one's within earshot. Just when I whip out my guitar and start playing for people, my fingers shrink somehow and I completely mess up the chords. I want to do all the fancy plucking without even looking down. I want to rock hard at RockBand and blow people away with my mad stringless skills, not just on the mic (I've had several 100% flawless ratings on expert mode, thank you very much). Ah, to sing AND play the guitar without any sign of doubt or weakness -- that would be the bomb.

4. Drawing, painting, and/or sketching. I remember, for most of my grade school life, I always had this sketch book with me whenever I went to school. I was always a frustrated artist (in that sense), I thought. My mom and my brother are brilliant at drawing. My mom especially; she could draw anything that would sit still for at least half an hour. She did this self-portrait when she was younger and it's still up on the wall in her bedroom somewhere. It's just awesome. And whenever I had projects for school that required drawing, I'd ask her to do it. And my brother would just go crazy with his soldier and robot drawings. I used to tease him a lot about them, but only because I was jealous. I couldn't draw anything except your typical mountains with the sun rising/setting in the valley, with skeleton birds flying next to the poofy cotton-candyesque clouds, right above a criss-cross farm and a bendy coconut tree with hideous leaves and cartoon-like coconuts hanging from the side. I've always considered myself to be more of a visual type. Today, I'd say I can draw a noseless face and I pretty much refined the art of drawing stick figures. Yay.

3. Joke delivery. I have to admit, I think I'm pretty funny. I do have my moments, believe it or not. But sometimes I just can't deliver the jokes. Seriously. I ruin it for everyone every single time. Punch lines are basically non-existent when they escape my mouth. I usually end up asking someone else to finish the joke for me in hopes to save whatever's left of it. I'm a joke killer. Holy crap. My friends must really, really love me.

2. Fixing things. I hate asking people for help. Not because I'm stubborn. Nor do I think less of everybody else. I just don't want to be an inconvenience more than anything. Sure, if I'm really stuck in a rut and I knew my friends really wouldn't mind, then yes, I ask for help, directions, tips, contacts, commendations, actual things I don't possess. But I want to be the useful and the handy one for a change. Electronics, cars, house stuff, math equations, anything that needs tweaking and tuning up really. I want to be the one people go to for help with these things. I'd like my own ultra cool toolbox and actually have the need for it.

1. Domestic prowess. When I get married and have kids of my own, I'd like to be the all-around go-to super-cool soccer-mom whom everyone relies on when things go awry around the house (and makes the best damn chocolate chip cookies in the world). Don't misconstrue what I'm saying here; I will not tolerate a husband who isn't hands on or simply leaves everything to the wife (me, in this case) just because he can. Nor would I tolerate lazy kids (I think I've used up all the lazy privileges in my family). It would be nice to be the glue that keeps the family together with everyone's loving support. I'd like to be a Martha Stewart mixed in with a little Sharon Osbourne, if you know what I mean. For this skill, I think there's still plenty of time to practice.

Any skills or talents you would want to be good at? Hey, silly and freaky ones count, too!


spongebabe said...

i want to learn how to juggle..

and do a cartwheel..

and breakdance...

and pole dance...

and play the guitar exceptionally good, too. (i know how to play the guitar but i'm not that good) a lot more other stuff!

frenchkys said...

Oooh pole dance! If there were SIX things on the list, I'd definitely have that one on there, too. Haha