Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wordless: Weekend At Edgewater, Subic


Gabriel said...

Beautiful pictures, Frenchkys!

My post is here. Happy WW!

frenchkys said...

I try! (actually, i just point and shoot and pick the best of the lot lol)

Happy anniversary again to you and your wife, G! Big hugs from Manila comin' at ya!

Lorena said...

hi there, jst wanna know if u can give me the contact number of this resort. thanks in advance.

frenchkys said...

Hey, Lorena! I tried clicking on your link but I couldn't get through.

Anyway, Edgewater isn't a public resort, so unless you own a villa/room there or know anyone who has property there, the venue isn't for rent. I'm sorry I couldn't be more of help. Thanks for stopping by though! Cheers! ;)

Ken Ochi said...

Hi, Sorry to butt in..

I am Lorena's bf..
and Edgewater is a property owned by my father who I am trying to find ways to get in touch with..

My name is Ken Mori Ochi.
Son of Tetsuo "Ken" Ochi, the owner.

Please help me get in touch with him, here is my digits..

thanks in advance Fritz.

Anonymous said...


can i have your contact who's renting a place there. i would really apprciate it. Thanks