Monday, June 23, 2008

Night Rider

I had a wild experience on the motorbike taxi here in Bangkok the other night; really thought I was going to die. Check out just how fast these things go:

Now, imagine me at the back of one, side-saddled, with an unfastened helmet (I was too lazy, my bad. Didn't realize it was going to be THAT fast), a ginormous shopping bag hooked around my arm (and when I say ginormous I mean GINORMOUS), holding on for dear life to ANYTHING I can grab (i.e. the railing behind the motorcycle, the vest of the poor driver, my bottom lip), crossing 4 major intersections, in serious lightning speed, at night. Come to think of it, the video didn't do it any justice. Check THIS one out:

Let's just say I took a cab back home that night. I'm not swearing off motorbike taxis yet though. I'm sure I'm going to ride at least one more while I'm here. And I'll make sure to secure my helmet the next time. What was I thinking?!?


Villager said...

Happy MM! I think that I will avoid those motorcycle-taxis if I ever visit your country...

I used my MM entry this week to honor one of America's greatest poets, Langston Hughes. I hope that your blog readers will check out my MM post if they have time or inclination.

peace, Villager

frenchkys said...

Oh, no, I don't live here, I'm just in Bangkok on holiday. Although, I wouldn't ride motorcycles in my country either. Haha

I'll be sure to stop by. Thanks for the comment! ;)

Jamie said...

Nothing like abject terror to make you remember an event. I'm glad you survived the night.

frenchkys said...

On that note, I took another one to the supermarket this afternoon. And the guy didn't even give me a helmet this time. CRAZY!