Friday, December 26, 2008

My Top 5: Gifts Received On Christmas Day

I got quite a few presents today. Those gift cards and "special envelopes" rocked, for sure, but these are my top five. So far LOL I'm sure I'll be getting more when I fly back home in 2 months ha ha I am so bad...

1. [What seems like a year's supply of] Ferrero Rocher, Raffaello, and Rondnoir (that last one is my fave). Ayayayayay.

2. A picture frame of me and my nephew Aidan (he's just 4 and he wrapped it himself!).

3. Vera Wang handbag.

4. Montreal Canadiens' Captain Saku Koivu #11 jersey (technically, I received it a few days early in the mail, but I did wait 'til Christmas morning before I opened it).

5. Round-trip ticket to Boston.

And on that note...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wordless: Snow Angel

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

10 On Tuesday: [Old] New Year's Resolutions

Pretty much everything on here has been in my perpetual new year's resolutions list. I guess it helps to "revisit" them at least once a year to, you know, remind me how much progress (sure) I'm making. lol

1. Lose weight. Nowadays, even skinny people think they need to lose weight. I think it's time to update this. Healthier living. Yes, I think that's more positive.

2. Be nicer. To people who deserve it.

3. Go to church/pray more. Because I want to, not because I have to.

4. Clean up. I'm pretty sure my room back home is spotless -- now that I'm living thousands of miles away. Oh, thinking about the environment falls under this category, too. I'm doing OK there.

5. Touch base with family and friends overseas. I'm visiting family and friends here in the States. One country at a time, I guess. :)

6. Revive poetry and songwriting. The last time I wrote a full song was...3 years ago. I'm missing my guitar more than ever.

7. Don't sweat the small stuff. This takes a lot of effort on my part. Some days I'm successful, other days I don't really do so well. Crap.

8. Be a good daughter. I was told I sucked at it. They're probably right.

9. Read more. Yes, I'm doing pretty good in this area.

10. Find the best job and stick to it. This one, well, not so much. lol I will though, as soon as I get back home (said the echo from 2008).

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Last Song Syndrome #2

I'm going to sing this in my head (and out loud, too, no doubt) ALL weekend, I swear.

"Give me that thing
give it my friend
give me good, good times around the bend
I'll stay forever..."


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wordless: Cali Snow

photos courtesy of my cousin Gail from Hesperia

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

10 On Tuesday: Best Holiday Tunes

"Chestnuts roasting on an open fire..."

OK, so I haven't had chestnuts, like ever, and I most definitely haven't roasted any kind of nut on an open fire. But, I do catch myself stopping whatever it is I'm doing whenever the song comes on the radio. It's just a great, feel-good Christmas song. Here are the rest of my top 10 best holiday songs of all time...

1. Santa Baby. No other version than Ms. Marilyn's.

2. Do They Know It's Christmas. By the original Band Aid (1984) and Band Aid 20 (2004). The 1989 version...enh, not so much. I'd still listen to it though. "Feeeeed thaaaa woooooorld!"

3. All I Want For Christmas Is You. By Mariah Carey. Just too cute. No?

4. Little Drummer Boy. By Tori Amos.

5. 12 Days Of Christmas. By The Sorianos. Yeah, our family has a Christmas anthem. Most of it is in Filipino, so I won't even bother with any of the improvised lyrics. But, it's always fun singing it with the rest of the clan.

6. Merry Christmas Baby. By, no other than, Bruce Springsteen. And the E Street Band? Oooooh. I'm not worthy.

7. Last Christmas. By Wham. Nostalgia hits every single time.

8. Happy Xmas (War Is Over). John Lennon rocked it. Sarah McLachlan managed to make it just as cool.

9. The Christmas Song. The King Cole Trio original version is the best, but I'd take any cover, too. Yes, even the New Kids On The Block cover. Seriously. I was in a Kohl's store on Black Friday and this song came on the, did I ball. Again, seriously.

Music Playlist at

10. Oi To The World. No Doubt, baby! No Doubt, you know, Gwen "pre-hollaback-b-a-n-a-n-a-s" Stefani. I just love it, love it, love it.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Light, Shine...Bright Enough For Ya?

Today's Manic Word is light. First thing that came to mind was this song. You'll soon find out that "light" is nowhere to be found in the lyrics. But I thought light...sun...shine -- works, no? Plus, it's very optimistic and forceful even, thought I'd share it with you all today (also dedicated to a dear friend). Enjoy!

Anna Nalick

The night makes you a star
And it holds you cold in its arms
You’re the one to whom nobody verses I love you
Unless you say it first
So you lie there holding your breath
And its strange how soon you forget
That you’re like stars
They only show up when it’s dark
Cause they don’t know their worth

And I think you need to stop following misery’s lead
Shine away shine away shine away
Isn’t it time you got over how fragile you are
We’re all waiting
Waiting on your supernova
Cause that’s who you are
And you’ve only begun to shine

There are times when the poets and pornstars align and
You won’t know who to believe in
Well that’s a good time to be leavin’
And the past knocks on your door
And throws stones at your window at 4 in the morning
Well maybe he thinks it’s romantic
He’s crazy but you knew that before

Yeah you’ve only begun to shine
Won’t you shine shine shine shine over shadow
Shine shine shine shine over shadow
Shine shine shine shine over

On Persistence, Love Affairs, And Tapioca

I missed this...I missed a lot of things...

LunaNina says ... and I think ... ?

  1. Love affair :: Starring Irene Dunne and Charles Boyer. Sigh.
  2. Bubble :: Michael Bublé. I'm sorry, I'm a 2-year-old somedays.
  3. Pimple :: Proactive.
  4. Knocks :: When opportunity knocks, you say "what's up?"
  5. Persistent :: Putting up Christmas decorations, no matter how much of a pain they are.
  6. Infected :: Virus.
  7. Yay! :: 18 days 'til Christmas!
  8. Repaint :: What my bedroom will need when I get back home.
  9. Daily :: ...Planet.
  10. Quickly! :: Tapioca milk tea drink...yummy!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

10 On Tuesday: All I Want For Christmas...

This topic was from last week (again), but I thought I'd do it since I missed it and all. Last Tuesday, I did a post of the things I was thankful for this year. This time around, I'm posting about the things I'd like, nay, WANT for Christmas.

Wish Monster, a blog I dedicated solely to my earthly and worldly desires a.k.a. my wish list, has been a fun project so far. Sometimes I get the things I write about. But even if I haven't gotten them yet (operative words: haven't gotten them yet), I still get tingles just by writing about them.

Here's a little preview. Now, pay attention. lol

1. Apple iPod Earphones. I have an iPod Touch and the earphones I have now are seriously effed up. The sound's still OK (I think), but the gray siliconesque lining? Not pretty at all.

2. Horizontal Laptop Sleeve. 13"W x 11"L (16.5" diagonally). I have a ginormous Nine West laptop bag and a Jansport vertical sleeve, but that last one's designed for deep tote bags and backpacks only. I would like a horizontal sleeve for a change, so I could put my laptop in my handbags.

3. Speaking off handbags...Handbags. The bigger the better, that's my motto. Doesn't have to be overly expensive, although I do love my LVs and Balenciagas. But I'm very easy to please. An occasional clutch ain't so bad either.

4. A Watch. My favorite two-tone watch is screaming retirement!

5. Laptop Webcam. Compact, user-friendly, efficient, and pretty. I don't really care about the technical specs lol I just want a proper webcam for my laptop.

6. Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Get Started Kit. Shade = medium. Where to buy = Macy's, Sephora, and online. Wallet damage = $174 value for just $60. Why = why the hell not.

7. "New Moon," "Eclipse," and "Breaking Dawn" books by Stephanie Meyer. What can I say, I'm an afFICTIONado, gotta complete the saga.

8. Amazing Grace Fragrance by Philosophy. Gotta smell nice if I want to be naughty. >;)

9. PS3 + RockBand 1 & 2. Need I elaborate on the magnificence of the PS3?

10. All-expenses-paid trip to anywhere in the world. A girl can dream, can't she?