Tuesday, September 15, 2009

10 On Tuesday: Things I Think Are Cool

I'm very easy to please, so you could imagine how challenging it was for me to narrow down the coolest things in the world to only TEN. Phew. OK, here they are...

1. 24-Hour Food Deliveries. If it's late, it's free!

2. Soap and Dental Floss. You should try them out some time! :)

3. Books. I have nothing against eBooks and audiobooks; I've read/listened to a few. But call me old fashioned; I'd much rather read a book I can actually hold. You know, turning the pages, bookmarking, and all that jazz.

4. Live Concerts.
Concert DVDs are alright, but nothing beats live.

5. Frankenstein. Not the monster, but my long pillow (and oldest bed buddy). I call it Franky for short. Angelo has always wanted me to get rid of it. I say to him, "Not yet, Baby. Not yet." lol

6. Anything and Everything Touch-Screen. Swish and slide!

7. The Beach.

8. TV/Computer/Movie Theater/Radio/iPod/Cellphones.
Any and all portals of media and communication really.

9. Couch Surfing. Would love to do this someday.

10. Airconditioning. In its most literal sense. If you live in these parts, you'd think it was very cool, too.