Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hot Hot Haute: Lumber Jackets

Lumber jackets have certainly come a long way. What once was a lumberjack's signature look is now an embraced fashion statement all over the world. Remember those plaid flannel button-down shirts that we used to wear in public -- for all to see? Well, thanks to clever designers, we don't have to wear them ever again. Unless you actually work in the lumber business or never leave the house EVER, then you're better off with more stylish, more flattering versions of the lumber jacket.

I may live in a tropical country, but people around here need protection from the elements, too, you know. I guess it's safe to presume that the rainy season has finally caught up with us down here, so it's best to be always ready for anything. An umbrella is more than fine, but personally I like to look cute even when I'm drenched in rain water.

The other day I bought this really amazing lumber jacket from Mango. It's just like the picture I posted (not a big fan of the black track pants on the model, by the way), except it's in emerald green. I am loving it. And the best part is I got it on sale! 50% off the original price, can you believe it? I gave myself a pat on the shoulder after I bought it. It truly is a gem and even though it was still a little bit too pricey, I was just too deliriously happy to care.

The Lumber Jacket MLC Rain is made of 100% polyamide. Except for the parts along the arm pits and the sides, it's completely waterproof -- making it perfect for rainy weather. Who said you can't get fashion for both their aesthetic and functional qualities?

Mango has a very good collection of lumber jackets, anoraks, and coats in general. Stacking up on winter clothes in the summer is actually a smart thing. They're almost always on sale and you'll never have to worry about keeping warm as soon as the new chill sets in. As far as living in the tropics go, you can never have enough waterproof jackets. After all, singing in the rain can't be fun if you have the sniffles.

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