Thursday, June 21, 2007

myPod: Vega4

I first heard their songs on Grey's Anatomy. Then again on One Tree Hill shortly thereafter. The second that intoxicating riff played, I knew I was going to be Snow-Patroled (that's my term for "really loving the music").

Vega4 is a London-based (sometimes Southern UK) quartet that plays nothing but soul-stirring tunes. Who do they sound like? I'd say they remind me a lot of Snow Patrol, but they've also been compared to their contemporaries like Augustana and The Fray. Their single "Life Is Beautiful" is more than, well, beautiful. It's mind-bending, utterly inspiring poetry in motion -- that's what it is. Not only do they make impassioned music; they also take Global Warming issues very seriously (something that's close to my heart, too).

Their latest album "You and Others" is out now so grab a copy (if you can find one locally). Or, you can always download their stuff from iTunes and MySpace.

You gotta love the Irish (FYI: a couple of the guys from the band are Irishmen)...