Sunday, June 10, 2007

On Doogie Howser And Blogging

What does one even say on their very first post? All of this is so overwhelming; I don’t know where to start.

Well, let me begin by saying…this is so f-ing awesome. I have my own Doogie Howser blog and I can’t be more excited! Ever since that series came out on TV like a gazillion years ago (when Doogie still didn’t realize he was actually into Vinny and not Wanda), I’ve always asked my dad to get me one of those DOS-based personal journals. I thought it was just really cool. And the spoiled little grade schooler that I was, I kinda got what I wished for.

Now, I’m actually “blogging” (whatever that really means)!

You’re all welcome to comment, make suggestions, be nice, be royally mean, or just read whatever nonsense I have to say. If you want me to drop by YOUR blog, all you have to do is ask. ;-)


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