Monday, July 9, 2007

Manic Monday: Seven

In this picture, you can see seven heads in the sea (i.e. my friends) and the wrath of Poseidon just behind us there. We were using an underwater camera -- obviously, the first one ever made, with that kind of quality?!@#%^ geez. We would've taken actual underwater shots, but seeing the sea god was really pissed at us (at me, most of all), we decided not to waste any of the film. Despite the storm a-brewing, my friends and I still had a great time that week.

For those of you who are looking for the perfect tropical getaway, Boracay Island is worth the trip. I'm pretty sure none of you are on Neptune's shitlist, so you'll be fine.


Kimberly G. said...

You all look so young!

I've heard of Boracay. Sounds like a cool place to visit.

Ross12345 said...

Nice pic - shame about the dfgtzdfyazerftwe345ergxfdgyt quality :P

frenchkys said...

Ditto on whatever you said, Ross! LOL You have no idea how much I wanted to throw that crappy ass camera into the deep sea.

Cheers! ;)