Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sandman Chronicles Part Trois

Third and Final Night. . .

I was standing on our front porch, and some relatives have come to stay for the night. There were no beds left inside the house so they slept on a thin mattress on the porch. My grandmother was warning them the whole time, to sleep a deep sleep, and not to mind the noises that will come. I just stood there, wanted them to sleep indoors but I knew they couldn't. I also knew the vampires were coming (the same beings from my first two dreams. Including the mysterious man). And they did.

They got to my relatives, they were gone with them in a blink of an eye. I lock up the doors and I find myself alone in my house. Watching every door, every window, every shadow. They were coming to get me, too, I felt it. And I saw them wandering in the streets, looking through the glass walls of my house. And I was certain my dream-minutes were counted.

Then I was back in my bedroom, which doesn't look anything like my real bedroom, but I knew in my dream it was mine. It was the same room I was in the last time I had seen the mysterious man. And then he was there with me again. Saving me from the world like he always does. This time I could see, touch, taste his face. Channing Tatum (bald, toned, delicious as ever) in nothing but the odd-looking armor that covered him from the waist down to his thighs. The armor looked like metal but felt like silk in my hands. Same piercing eyes. Same ambiguous voice. But I felt him like he was really there. We spooned and the chaos that surrounded us just melted away. It's like we were there despite what the world had intended. We lay there silent. I dozed off in his arms. And then I wake.

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