Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bittersweet Thursday

Anyone catch the lunar eclipse the other night? I doubt if anybody did though because A) it could only be seen from this part of the globe, and B) it got really cloudy. Dang it.

I'm pretty sure most of you, if not all, caught that Q&A with little Miss South Carolina. Hmmm I wonder how she managed to redeem herself the morning after her very public boo boo...I'm sorry, I know I would've said something even more stupid, but that's why I stay as far away as possible from these beauty pageants. OK, moving on.

What about Owen Wilson, eh? Is that a tragic Hollywood story or what? I love his work, and to a certain extent I love HIM a lot, but what the hell was he thinking taking those drugs? It couldn't have been that bad. I mean, Luke's doing pretty well, handling all the fame and pressures of stardom. In any case, my prayers are with him. We're separated by 6 degrees, I just know it, so I know I have some kind of indirect impact on his life somehow.

My mom's sister (the last of the bunch) is flying home to Cali in the morning. September is drawing near and I am so thrilled/anxious to go back to work. Do I even have a job to go back to -- that is the question. For my sake, I honestly hope so.

Oh, and I did some serious shopping today. If only I could get paid for spending, I'd have so much junk lying around the house...

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