Thursday, August 23, 2007

Craving For Curry

Did you know that curry viands taste absolutely better with rice noodles than just plain old rice? I was at this buffet lunch last week and I ate the chicken curry with regular rice. It was good; in fact, I wasn't even done yet when I decided I was going to have seconds (I ended up going back three times). Someone had told me though that I should try it with the Chinese rice noodle. I was game for anything, so I dumped a thong-full of noodle on to my plate and topped it with a generous portion of the delicious red chicken curry. Let's just say I've been craving for it everyday since then.

I went to a local Thai restaurant with a friend a couple of days ago. I was hoping they'd have the same fabulous red curry and noodles, but it just wasn't what I expected. I ended up having the green chicken curry with jasmine rice, which was palatable, but it just wasn't the same.

The next best thing, I thought, would be to make the darn curry and noodle myself. I have to admit, making the noodles would probably be one of the most difficult things I'll get to do in my lifetime, so I felt it would be best if I just got them ready-to-cook from the supermarket. The curry part I think I can handle. Besides, I recall it was the first thing I learned to prepare in my high school cooking class. The Filipino chicken curry is a bit of a stretch from the Thai version. I don't mean to demean traditional Filipino recipes or anything like that, but I truly miss the Thai counterpart.

Thai Red Chicken Curry
chicken breast cut into strips
1 cup coconut milk (gata)
2-3 basil leaves
2 tbs fish sauce (patis)
2 tbs red curry powder/paste
2 cups water
eggplant (optional), sliced
tomatoes (optional), sliced
green peas (optional)

Pour half of the coconut milk into a small pot, put in the curry, and let it simmer. Add the chicken and wait until the meat turns white. If you want veggies, you can add eggplant or tomato slices and peas. Then add the rest of the ingredients, except for the basil leaves which you add just right before serving.

Serve on top of boiled Chinese rice noodles. Tastes even better with Thai iced tea. Mmm, a-roy! If I was on death row, this would definitely be on the menu for my last supper. What would be on yours?


Georgia said...

You forgot the best part

CHILI!!!!! =P

frenchkys said...

Thanks for pointing that one out. Of course, adding some spice can only make it better. ;)

june said...

My last meal on Earth will probably involve a juicy steak or a bucket of fried chicken. All dark meat.