Thursday, January 31, 2008

All Flipped Out: The Road To El Dourado

I woke up this afternoon from the blistering heat. It can't be summer already!?! Actually, I was up all night until around 6am and I was shivering. Cold nights, hot days -- just like my Mama Nature used to make.

I thought, with "winter" almost gone, I probably have to reorganize my closet. And when I say reorganize, I mean stack and purge. There's just never enough space, no matter how good I cram all of my clothes in there. With my brother away, I even use his room for storage now (sorry!). Anyway, it's time to put all the fall/winter clothes away and bring out the easy breezy ones. And to officially welcome the Manila heat, I decided to go shopping! Sure, I ended up buying more food than clothing items (no regrets there), but I did score a fab pair of Havaianas -- my favorite thing to splurge on.

Flip flops. No matter how destitute I've become for not having a real 9-5 job, I can never resist buying them damn flip flops. I was so into Havaianas before it even became a local craze. Now, I must have like 30 pairs or something. All in all, I probably own about 50 pairs of flip flops. (Birkenstocks, now that's another obsession I had going on for a while). I have them hanging all around my room. You'd think it's a crazy pastime (and a waste of money, too, probably), but obviously, I don't think so. The latest addition to my flip flop collection is the Havaianas Slim Stripes Dourado Sol. I mean, hello?!? It's practically named after me! Haha How could I resist?

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charlie said...

I have never met anybody who was so crazy about flipflops before probably because I live in the North LMAO

Very interesting...