Thursday, January 3, 2008

Let's Talk Movies Circa 2007

For an avid movie-goer, I have to admit I haven't been really, well, seeing enough. But all that's going to change. In fact, since I got back from my trip, I've caught up with a few good ones on DVD. Don't even ask how I got my hands on some of them. If you live around here, I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about.

Flicks I saw in the last 5 days:
Ratatouille. I was so slacking off my animation fix. This was definitely a great welcome-back. I must've seen it like three times this week. When you have little boogers running around the house on the holidays, you know some Pixar magic ought to do the trick.

Feast Of Love. I saw this one at like 4 in the morning. Why Morgan Freeman has to be so good like that, I'll never know.

The Nanny Diaries. I have a rekindled love-lust for Chris Evans. I swear, next to my boyfriend Obie and five other fictional boyfriends, this guy is the yummiest.

I Am Legend. Seriously scared the crap out of me. But, then again, I'm easily spooked. I even caught myself crying during one scene. All in all, I Am Wimp, what can I say. I wasn't too happy about the ending though, but I guess I'll have my chance at a perfect one when I take over the director's chair.

The ones I'm seeing before I go back to work on Tuesday:
Before The Devil Knows You're Dead (Ethan Hawke, Philip Seymour Hoffman)
Once. God bless the Irish!
The Hottest State (written and directed by Ethan Hawke)
My Blueberry Nights (Jude Law, Natalie Portman, Norah Jones). Honestly, I don't like Jones one bit, but I'm just way too curious how much she can potentially -- see, I haven't really judged her yet, have I -- suck in this one.
The Jane Austen Book Club. Stellar cast + Jane Austen = that's good enough for me.

Picks I have yet to see:
Juno (Ellen Page, Michael Cera). Of course, Juno. This shall be in honor of my Torontofied sister, Giselle.
American Gangster (Denzel)
The Great Debaters (yes, Denzel again)
Atonement (James McAvoy). There IS a bigger and better place than Narnia.
Dan In Real Life (Steve Carell). More powerful than the Arc, I hear.
Gone Baby Gone (Casey Affleck)
Sweeney Todd (Johnny Depp)
Rescue Dawn (Christian Bale)
Into The Wild (Emile Hirsch). If only I can get a copy...
Waitress (Keri Russell)
The Savages (I can't believe I have so much on my to-watch list. Oh, right, sorry, Philip Seymour Hoffman).
Eastern Promises (Viggo Mortensen). I missed this one on the big screen. What in the world was I thinking.
Michael Clayton (George Clooney)
Grace Is Gone (Lloyd Dobler, err, John Cusack -- I always confuse the two)
I'm Not There (Cate Blanchett)
Charlie Wilson's War (Tom Hanks)
And last but certainly not the least, Hot Fuzz (the guys from Shaun Of The Dead). There's nothing better than ending a must-watch list with a little -- or in this case, a lot of -- British humor.

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