Tuesday, February 5, 2008

10 Things You Can Do Aside From Watching TV

I must admit, I have been watching far too much TV lately that I'm actually starting to un-tan. I do have a life beyond the sly tube though. When I'm not glued to the television, I'm probably:

1. Glued to the computer. It's nice to give one appliance some love and attention while the other rests.

2. Spending money I don't have. Shopping and eating out are carefully encrypted in my DNA. Without them, I won't even be of this planet.

3. Out there somewhere. Contributing to the traffic and making more of a mess of this world, no doubt.

4. Hanging out with friends, family, and loved ones. Nothing beats the human connection.

5. Working. Yes, work, you know, the hard kind.

6. Reading and writing. I got my books, journal where I write all kinds of stuff in, more books. Oh, wow. I got tons. I should pick them up more, shouldn't I.

7. Playing sports. I do know a few, believe it or not. I was into volleyball, badminton, table and lawn tennis for a while. Now, I'm learning football (soccer) and ultimate Frisbee c/o Obie. Haven't really played, but I'm learning the ropes; that's a start.

8. Singing and playing my guitar. I've always lacked practice, but I manage.

9. Sleeping. Whenever I can. I've had many failed attempts, but naps are just as good.

10. Watching the world go by. Hey, the real good stuff happens right before your eyes.

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