Sunday, February 24, 2008

On Monogamy, Mythology, And Rose Tyler

LunaNina says ... and I think ... ?

  1. Protocol :: Standard Operating Procedure.
  2. Girlfriends :: As a romantic partner, I'm really not too thrilled about the plural part.
  3. Shoulders :: Atlas and the weight of the world.
  4. Coming home :: Today!!! Home from a long road trip that started well into the night. Check mail, shower, then sleep...great way to end my Sunday.
  5. Let it in :: The air?
  6. Honor :: It's my brother's oath taking next Sunday at the Manila Hotel and he's taking home 9th place in this year's PT board exams.
  7. Tyler :: Rose. =)
  8. Thriller :: Michael Jackson & Fall Out Boy songs.
  9. Angela:: Very pretty name, I always thought.
  10. The winner is :: Atonement for Best Picture!!! James McAvoy...yumm.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't even thinking about boy-girl relationship for girlfriends. :D


frenchkys said...

I was going to approach it as "close female friends," but I thought here's a chance to stress the importance of fidelity and monogamy lol thought I'd grab it.

Laane said...

Nice list.

My mutterings are ::here::


Have a nice week!

frenchkys said...

Hey, thanks, Laane! ;) You have a good one, too.

Simone said...

the (s) in girlfriends depends on your point of view.

Mine are up.

tumblewords said...

Nice - we had a couple matches - I enjoyed yours...