Sunday, March 30, 2008

On Checkered Panties And BFFs

LunaNina says ... and I think ... ?

  1. Stuffed :: I stuffed my face with junk all weekend. I need to get my ass back in gear (literally) beginning the first of April.
  2. Gills :: Umm, fish have them.
  3. Distance ::, like I always say.
  4. Panties :: Low-rise, boy-leg cottons -- the most comfy ones out there (next to granny panties, which I think should be banned. Like now.).
  5. Checkered :: ...flag. End of the race. Finito.
  6. Fill in :: ...the blanks. Kinda like this one.
  7. Taunting :: Bullying.
  8. Diner :: 50's cafe. Good food. Great milkshakes. Even greater desserts.
  9. Pizza :: All the major food groups rolled out into a wonderfully loaded crust of bliss. Yumm.
  10. Best friend :: Accepting applicants. Send your résumés or CVs to -- stalkers, voyeurs, and prissy drivers with single-white-female tendencies need not apply.


Deb said...

Enjoyed your mutterings this morning and you are right about the great milkshakes and desserts. Is it too early for lemon meringue pie??

Have a great day!

Hootin' Anni said...

#8....yes indeedy! And I thought I'd be the only one that would associate the decade. Color me WRONG. LOL

Mine's posted, hope you can drop by and compare mine and yours, if you haven't already that is.

Happy Sunday

Anonymous said...

Yo are cracking me up! I wear those type of panties too-woohoo! I always say that about pizza too! Acepting applicants-ROFL! Thanks for visiting!

frenchkys said...

Deb - Like my Gramps always said...INTEFP: it's never too early for pie! ;)

Anni - I love the 50's! ;)

Mercedes - Our panties rock! ;)

Thanks for dropping by, girls. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! ;)

Jean at Penny Lane said...

Milkshakes! Gosh, I haven't had one in ages! Maybe today. Thanks for the reminder.

Great list -- we matched on a few and my husband matched on a few with you also.

frenchkys said...

I loved your lists, Jean. That whole his-and-hers thing is pretty cool. Thanks for stopping by mine! Cheers! ;)

Zooomabooma said...

Good stuff, very entertaining, I ought check it out more often!

But never wait to get your ass in gear -- start RIGHT NOW! Don't procrastinate! That's the worst thing, I'm tellin' ya! Well, not doing anything would probably be worse but when it comes to eating healthier and LESS of the blissful goodies -- like MILKSHAKES which I'm not craving like CRAZY -- best time to start is the present!

See ya :)

frenchkys said...

Yes, sir! I'll get right on it! :D