Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On Ghosts, Tardiness, And Chatty Truth Monsters

I was out of town the last 4 days, so I wasn't able to post anything on here. But I'm back now, from a super long weekend of relaxation, recreation, and intoxication (check, check, and double check). I had a little trouble sleeping the first night, but it paid off as I watched the sunrise between my toes while I was still in bed (see the picture?). Obviously, I was bored and restless for a good few hours before the sun actually came out.

Here's this week's Unconscious Mutterings brought to you by the letters R & R.

LunaNina says ... and I think ... ?

  1. Paranormal :: I ain't afraid of no ghosts. OK, that's a lie. But I don't think I've ever actually seen one. Thank God.
  2. Alarm :: I don't have a conventional alarm. I don't rely on the radio or TV for it either. I've used my cellphone alarm since it came in existence. Sometimes, I'd even wake up just right before the alarm goes off. It's a sickness/talent -- whichever way you see it. Just like Pizza Hut delivery, I hate late.
  3. Operative :: Hmm. Well, my mom had an eye operatION on Friday.
  4. Changing :: The world is. Ever changing.
  5. Framed :: Who Framed Roger Rabbit? It's been a while since I last saw that movie.
  6. Beer :: The last time I had beer I turned into a chatty truth monster.
  7. Referral :: Something I'll need for job-hunting.
  8. Unmasked :: Superheroes without their disguises on. People who come out with the truth.
  9. Movie star :: Hottest one now who I think would make the best leading man in a movie starring me??? Chris Evans and Channing Tatum -- this one's a toss up. (my friend says she's got dibs on Channing. Too bad this ain't her unconscious mutterings lol)
  10. Handbook :: Maryknoll/Miriam College Handbook. I always bought one at the beginning of every school year since the first grade up until senior year in college. But I've never really read them. Ever.

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