Tuesday, April 1, 2008

10 On Tuesday: Things To Do Before I Say "I Do"

The date is set. I have my dress, invites have been sent out, food's taken care of, the church is booked, still waiting on the band to confirm but I think it's in the bag, too. Now all I need is a groom. Know where I could find one? Oh, before I forget -- Happy April Fool's, all!

Just so we're clear, I'm not getting hitched anytime soon (breathe, Obie, breathe), and I am in no hurry to (contrary to popular belief). This was last week's topic, and since I missed out on it, I thought today would be the perfect time to do a post on the 10 things I'd like to do before I get married. Aren't Tuesdays fun?

1. Travel more. 'Round Ireland with a fridge, cruise along the coast of Everwhere, drive cross crountry -- yes, I am aware it will require time AND money to do all these things. Clearly, I won't be getting married tomorrow.

2. Master the art of being a domestic goddess. Learn how to bake, press clothes, do the laundry, work the vacuum cleaner (and other home appliances I've never used before in my life). Also, learn to do more delicious recipes and continue working on that cookbook I have.

3. Lose as much weight as I can. Who wouldn't want to look hot in white?!

4. Save up for the "storms" ahead. I know there will be many. You can never be too prepared.

5. Throw out ex-boyfriend memorabilia. Yes, even the expensive ones. OK, fine, pawn the expensive ones.

6. Go out with the girls every chance I get. Party, drink, get a tattoo, wear ridiculously short skirts, go home at dawn, gossip, take road trips, have sleepovers, indulge in massages, go shopping, RSVP, get my nails/hair did.

7. Flirt with a random guy for the very last time. Physical contact NOT required.

8. Sit down with my folks and have a heart-to-heart. Just take in all their advice with a grain of salt. Remember what they did right and learn from their mistakes.

9. Sit down with the future Mr. Fritz and tell him exactly what's going on in my mind (and vice versa). Agree, disagree, and compromise. In my country, there's no such thing as divorce. So, we have to be 200% sure.

10. Hire a great [yet reasonably priced] wedding planner and get as many of my girlfriends involved in it as possible. When that day comes, all I want to do is just get dressed, look fabulous, and be deliriously happy...hopefully for the rest of my married life, too.



Khristine said...

I thought you were getting married for real. And w/o even inviting us! Sira ka talaga o. Akala ko seryoso ka. And I didn't know you had a blog. Kay Sofia ko pa nalaman. Good for you. Ang galing galing! Happy april fools din. Let's have lunch soon. Call me!

frenchkys said...

TIN!!! Haha don't be a stranger, anuhbuh. Call ME!