Tuesday, May 27, 2008

10 On Tuesday: Effective Time Suckage Tactics

This week's ten is a good one. It's precious time down the drain.; it's time I can never get back. But I have no regrets. After all, nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely...or so that 19th century Rodin dude said.

Before I go on with my 10, I just want to give a shout-out to my loved ones who are celebrating their birthdays this week -- to my friends Edsel, Iris, and Danny, who celebrated theirs yesterday; to my Über fabulous aunt Memey, who defies age and time every 29th of May; and to Obie, who turns 27 today (welcome to my world...almost). And now, my 10 favorite time wasters:

1. Scouring for grammatical and punctuation errors. I look everywhere for them -- street signs, banners, news, stores, posters. It's more of an unconscious tick more than a deep desire to waste time, really.

2. Watching TV. We all know 98% of the stuff on the tube nowadays is bad for the average brain (erm, needless?). But we watch them anyway.

3. RockBand on PS3. Some might say "get a life, start a REAL band!#@$" But I say to them, "screw you. RockBand rules!!!"

4. Bugging others. So, I'm bored. It gives me an excuse to be mean.

5. Come up with stupid cheers and senseless nursery rhymes in my head. Example: "Oh my, Cinderella! Sweet butter lemon! Many, many cola...many, many cola in the pop cola!" See what I mean?

6. Rent/buy/watch movies I've never heard of before. You know, just for the heck of it. Sometimes I find a gem, other times I stop after a few minutes of watching and forget about it altogether.

7. Pig out.

8. Sleep.

9. Sit around a circle (or lie comfortably on the floor) at 4 in the morning chatting with friends about nothing and everything. Bashing former lovers, culminating the art of gossiping (it's evil; stay away from it if possible), exchanging fashion lusts and disgusts, comparing body mass indexes and exercise regimens WHILE eating the featured junk food of the week.

10. Stare into space...or something, anything, for the longest time, without purpose or awareness. This may sound like a total waste of time, but sometimes zoning out helps. Who needs a shrink when you can achieve a peaceful stasis all on your own. It gets you centered. Keeps you Zen. Intellectual, spiritual, and emotional recharge, if you will. It's effective AND cheap. Go ahead, have a nice daze. :)


storyteller said...

Intriguing list today! I don’t think we have anything in common on our lists … but some of your ideas do appeal to me … especially #10. Mine’s at Small Reflections … created and published hurriedly as I was rushing off to my Photoshop Elements class this morning … and now I’m home … eating some lunch and checking blogs before I take Molly for a walk.
Hugs and blessings,

frenchkys said...

Surprisingly, it didn't take me that long to finish my list either. I guess wasting time (and writing about it) doesn't really require a lot of effort -- haha.

Enjoy the rest of your week! ;)