Tuesday, July 1, 2008

10 On Tuesday: Played Or Watched Sports

It's the first of July already?!? And A Tuesday, too?!? On that note, here are the 10 sports I love to watch and/or play:

1. Tennis.
Used to play. Now, I just watch. I was heavily into it for a while; circa Patrick Rafter/Mark Philippoussis and the Awesome Aussie days.

2. European Football. Never played. My boyfriend does; I guess that made me appreciate the game. Never watched a match from start to finish, but I do watch when I get the chance. I'd have to brush up on the mechanics of the game, too. I'm still a little rusty. (¡Viva EspaƱa!)

3. Hockey. Used to be obsessed with it. Rarely watch it these days. Why? I don't know, maybe because I've surrendered to the fact that ice is a scarcity around these parts. And even in abundance, it would only be good for keeping beverages and frozen meats cool. I used to love it though.

4. Boxing. Never played, but always wanted to. I mean, not knock someone's teeth out, although I've been tempted to a few times. But as a workout, you know, get that blood and adrenalin pumping. Rarely watched, except when there's a Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao match. His last match against David Diaz was epic (so I heard, since I'm still in Bangkok and I couldn't watch it here). Pacquiao, who was skinnier and way shorter than his opponent, won by KO on the 9th round, dominating each and every round before that. He is a true Pinoy warrior and contemporary hero. "Wala kang katulad, Manny."

5. Ping Pong. We have a table at home. I play it every chance I get. Watch? Not so much.

6. Bowling. I beat my brother a couple of times. It's sort of a family sport (together with tennis and ping pong). I seriously hurt myself during one game a few years back. I went to work in crutches for a week -- that's how hard core I can be. Again, watch? Not at all. I can hit the pins myself, thanks.

7. Badminton. It's kind of a summer sport thing. I own two rackets and they just gather dust the rest of the year.

8. Texas Hold'em. Is poker even a sport? Well, I play it and I watch it anyway. Turns out I win when I'm not playing my own money. Care to be my backer? :)

9. Golf. Miniature, that is. I so rock at it, ask anyone.

10. Sumo Wrestling. Hey, I might as well.


Maisie said...

Oh - that's right. I forgot about bowling, since it's been so many years. I had some good times bowling with my family, even though no one could ever beat my mom.

pjd said...

You got hurt bowling? Wow, that is hard core.

frenchkys said...

Maisie - my mom kicks @ss at bowling, too! Just not better than the rest of the family -- haha.

PJD - I know. lol Crazy, right?

Thanks for stopping by, guys. Hope your Tuesday rocked. ;)

lovesmukiwa said...

At my last job we had a ping pong table and I totally got into it. i wouldn't say I was an expert or anythnig but I can hold my own. I miss it!