Monday, September 8, 2008

On House, Luck, And Pickles

LunaNina says ... and I think ... ?

  1. House :: Gregory House a.k.a. Hugh Laurie. I love him.
  2. Think :: ...then speak.
  3. Clot :: Stroke.
  4. Believe me :: "Have A Little Faith In Me" by Jewel is playing on my iPod right now.
  5. Fumigation :: Kill those darn pests.
  6. Bore :: "Married Life" starring Pierce Brosnan, Rachel McAdams, and Chris Cooper.
  7. Luck :: We all need a little sometimes even if you don't want it.
  8. Patient :: My aunt's going through chemo and she's doing really well.
  9. Tremors :: Tacky movie about a giant worm.
  10. Pickles :: Not a big fan of it.


Clara said...

So you don't like Pickles the comic strip? I never even thought of that one when I put mine up. Guess I'm not a big fan of it either. I only thought of crunchy sweet pickles or tangy dills. Yum.

spongebabe said...

i heart Hugh Laurie, too!!

isn't he sexy?