Friday, December 26, 2008

My Top 5: Gifts Received On Christmas Day

I got quite a few presents today. Those gift cards and "special envelopes" rocked, for sure, but these are my top five. So far LOL I'm sure I'll be getting more when I fly back home in 2 months ha ha I am so bad...

1. [What seems like a year's supply of] Ferrero Rocher, Raffaello, and Rondnoir (that last one is my fave). Ayayayayay.

2. A picture frame of me and my nephew Aidan (he's just 4 and he wrapped it himself!).

3. Vera Wang handbag.

4. Montreal Canadiens' Captain Saku Koivu #11 jersey (technically, I received it a few days early in the mail, but I did wait 'til Christmas morning before I opened it).

5. Round-trip ticket to Boston.

And on that note...

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