Wednesday, January 28, 2009

10 On Tuesday: Fave Articles Of Clothing I Own

First thing I thought when I saw this week's topic was, "yay!" Now that I'm writing about it, looks like it's gonna be a little tough to narrow down every item of clothing I own to just 10 absolute favorites. Before I reveal my picks, keep in mind that I LOVE fashion and appreciate various kinds of couture -- haute, vintage, and especially wallet-friendly ones (sales are the bomb).

Also, I want to define "articles of clothing" before going any further. As much as I j'adore all my bags, I'm afraid they would have to sit this one out. I believe they can make or break an outfit, but, in this case, are not necessarily items you "wear on" your body. Let's just say I put them in a different category altogether and consider them untouchable, for today's post at least.

OK, on with the fashion show...

1. Hoop Earrings. They go with almost anything.

2. Two-tone bracelet. I'd wear it all the time -- as long as there was no threat of losing it (when in crowded places, public transit, or doing physical activities, it has to stay home where it's safe).

3. Jackets, jackets, jackets. For someone who resides so close to the equator, I sure do love my jackets. I remember back in the 6th grade, I'd wear this yellow cardigan over my uniform even if it was like 30 degrees C out. Hoodies, coats, lumberjacks, denim jackets...all lovely. If I had to pick 1 absolute favorite, I would have to say...crap, it's so hard to pick just one. Camo cropped jacket by Chocolate, denim ones by Mango, Rolling Stones pullover, all my hoodies...I love them all equally, how's that.

4. The Jeans. It's never easy to buy the best-fitting, perfect pair of jeans. Especially for someone with my, err, built. I have quite a few pairs. Only 1 pair comes close to the perfect fit (as long as I don't gain any more weight), but I love them all just the same. Low rise, bootcut, relaxed fit, boyfriend pants, high rise, flared, skinny, cropped...I guess that's the secret to scoring the perfect jeans...buying a lot that come real close.

5. Plain White T's. Yes, I like the band, too. But I love my actual plain white t-shirts more. They hug me in the right places (i.e. not my mid-section lol).

6. Montreal Canadiens #11 Jersey. Go Habs Go!

7. Pointed pumps. In assorted colors and textures. Gotta love 'em.

8. Little Black Dress. Every girl needs one.

9. Birkenstocks. My friends and I have gone through quite a few pairs all through high school and college (tropical fever, baby). But even after the wear-and-tear, the darkened footbeds, and tarnishing metal clasps, it's always so hard to put a tag price on them in garage sales (I gave a pair away and I have to admit, that hurt a little, too). It's like saying goodbye to an old, dependable, dear friend. The ones I have now (2 pairs given to me by my boyfriend who, at that time, wasn't...ah, long story) are those single strapped ones; a white pair and a pink pair. I must say, the Germans did really good on this one.

10. Flip-flops. My absolute feet-ish. I actually lost count with how many I own. Puma, Old Navy, Crocs -- just a few of the brands I have. So, so cute AND comfortable. Nothing beats Havaianas though. I probably have 20 pairs, give or take. Plain, printed, limited edition, commemorative, jewel accents...can't live without them.


Monkey! said...

Gotta have a pair of slippers! It'd be a sin not to...

frenchkys said...

Amen to that, Monkey. Amen to that. ;)