Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Top 5: Stress Busters

Emotional stress is just as, if not more, taxing than physical stress. Accumulated annoyances, itty bitty heartbreaks that create sporadic earthquakes in your chest, homesickness, abandonment, depression -- too painful to even mention all of them under one breath. Do I do yoga or exercise? No (although I should, I know that much). Do I see a shrink? No. Why? Aside from the fact that I think it's a complete waste of money I may or may not have, I think of it as a favor, not to myself but to the poor stranger, sparing them from the contagious grief. Do I b*tch to my friends about these things? Hell, yeah! That's what they're for.

Seriously though, before I rejoin the rest of the world and all its normalcy (normal...ha!), I like to de-stress a little. Reboot my aura, if you will. No one wants to go out there with a black cloud hovering above them. Especially when things already are a little grim. Here are my five surefire stress busters (most of them I do just because they're fun).

1. "Please don't stop the music." I play something -- soft and soothing, ear-busting rock, same banana. Props would include, but not limit to, the radio, computer, iPod, guitar, videoke. Singing, out loud or just in my head, proves to be very calming, too.

2. Walk it off. What's better? Run. Sure, eventually, you come back to point A. But at least you've released all that bad juju for the atmosphere to consume it.

3. Write. Poetry, blog posts, music & lyrics, journal entries -- anything that involves a pen and something to write on, or a keyboard.

4. Fiction. Read books, watch movies, or make up my own stories. If you can't run away from your woes, might as well enjoy 2-3 hours of temporal yet blissful escape.

5. Zonk out. Sleep is turning out to be a luxury. I say embrace it whenever you can (this coming from a former sleepless fiend). Dreaming of Edward Cullen or Jacob Black or Aro (Ben Barnes is said to take on the role in the installments -- delish!!!) is just a bonus.

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