Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What, No Candy?

I just read somewhere that in Japan, they measure your waistline once you reach the age of 40 to ensure no one is, well, fat. If you go beyond the ideal measurement, you pay a fine. Wow.

In Great Britain, they pay obese people to enroll in weight-loss programs. WOW.

I seriously need to lose weight, get fit, live healthy, all that jazz. A fine or a government-sponsored effort would definitely be good motivation. Sadly, we don't got those back home. You're on your own. Crap.

Oooh, a Twix bar! :-|

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Jamie said...

They just found out that having stomach surgery cures adult diabetes and they don't have a clue why, but none of the health care plans pay for this "elective" procedure.