Sunday, June 28, 2009

Healed The World

Michael Jackson, despite controversies surrounding his evolving physical appearance and so-called "extra friendliness" toward young boys, is and always will be an unwavering force in the music industry. He will be remembered by fans and musical contemporaries as someone who had changed the face of pop culture forever (rightfully so).

I may not be a hardcore Jacko fan, but I did appreciate his genius. He was a musical alchemist; every song and melody stuck even when we made no conscious effort to like him or his work.

Now that this...legend has passed on, we are left with all sorts of memories of him -- the good, the bad, and the ugly. The last two will always be there, that's the undeniable truth. But, if we recognize how brilliant and kind and loving he was as an artist and as a human being, the rest shouldn't really matter anymore.

Have a look at these inmates from the province of Cebu in the Philippines -- convicted felons who, at least at one point in their lives made such grave mistakes against country and God, are now making-over their broken spirits with such powerful, life-altering avenues as music and dance. Their tribute to Michael Jackson is just outstanding. And for a few minutes, you forget why they're all there in the first place. CNN was there and here's the full story.


Thom said...

I have seen them many times before and they are excellent. MJ is a true legend :)

frenchkys said...

They are quite a talented bunch of delinquents, aren't they.

Michael J's songs (and slick moves) will live on...