Thursday, June 25, 2009

School Boo-Cool

"If you lose your keys, don't fuss. If you lose your face, don't wince."

Uh, what's THAT supposed to mean exactly?!?

That was actually a sentence taken from a text book being used in public schools around the country. The same text book that contains about 600 other grammatical errors; that makes an average of 3 errors per page. Now, you think that's disturbing? Picture this: 60 or 70 students cramped in 1 classroom, SHARING said book, no doubt, because there just aren't enough (thank God). How can these kids be expected to learn in that kind of environment? How can these kids be expected to learn. Question mark.

It's not the same in ALL public schools, but still. It's atrocious. What puzzles me is that politicians would rather tackle the issue of a sensationalized sex video scandal than a graver, more pressing problem such as this one.

And we wonder why the nation is in deep sh*t all the time.

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