Tuesday, July 7, 2009

10 On Tuesday: Things That Turn Me Off About People

1. People who are full of themselves.

2. People who only befriend you for your money.

3. People who aren't grateful.

4. People who step on/say stuff against other people just to get ahead.

5. People who don't respect other people's personal space.

6. People who take and take (give a little, why don't you).

7. People who are full of [false] pride.

8. People who act all high-and-mighty...what turns me off more is when they order other people around without saying "please" or "thank you."

9. People who break their promises. Over and over again. With no remorse whatsoever.

10. A tie between people who cheat on their partners and HOMEWRECKERS. Those are the worst kind of scum.


Bitter Sweet Moments said...

I agree with your list. Your number 10 is awesome:) Happy Tuesday!!

Carrie said...

Fabulous list - I couldn't agree more!

Nessa said...

Nice List, love the pic!

fickleinpink said...

I agree with your list!

Here's my turn-off list , too!