Saturday, July 4, 2009

Have You Ever Read the Back of a Fake DVD?

A copywriter's nightmare... funny as hell, but painful nonetheless. "Huang Huang"...what does that even mean?!? Anyone speak Chinese? LOL PLEASE, read on...

House, a vulgar language, the character of the cynical doctors, a never believe anyone in particular, the patient's own doctor, it is a solution to numerous diseases doctor, "House" is a new medical drama.

George House (Hugh Laurie) has no concern for the patients bedside accompanied by the consciousness, but always leaning a crutch to Huang Huang, as if this will mean he brutal show. In fact, despite the acts of Guaizhang House, he is a perfect intuitive diagnosis were excellent. As a medical expert, the house still good at capturing the medical problems in the gate of hell to save patients.

Over the past four seasons, guiding the House by a young elite team of experts to help him solve the diseases. His good friend, oncology expert James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) for his loyalty. At the same time, medical director of the Department, the hospital's head of the Treasury Di Lisa (Lisa Edestein) between the House and the sincerity of Health dark. Although the house is often good to be true because of their responsibilities and act in conflict with her, even then, she has to admit that the house smart enough to offset the trouble he caused.

Wasn't that fun? LOL

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

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