Tuesday, September 25, 2007

SitCom: Situation Complicated 1

After watching The Break-Up, Forget Paris, Knocked Up, and Gwen Stefani's 4 In The Morning music video in one seating, I thought to myself "enough is enough!" Essentially, break ups are caused by miscommunication (given that he/she hasn't cheated already). She says one thing, he hears another, he says something back, ends up hurting her feelings, she cries and kicks him out. It's just sad, right?

This is how I see it: us girls, we just want to feel safe, special, and be appreciated for the things we do for our partners. While guys just want things to be straight-forward, direct to the point, no dillydallying. There's nothing wrong with wanting a little appreciation, nor wanting things to be simple as can be. But if you put subject A (e.g. le femme) together with subject B (e.g. le dude) without clearing all communication barriers, things are bound to get ugly (with the exception of sex, which can be ugly, too, I guess, but that's his/her own preference really).

So I thought, in the course of my blogging, I'd share some things with you all that may (or may not) come in handy someday -- The SitCom Series (short for, you guessed it, Situation Complicated). Don't forget to read the disclaimer, because, well, just read it anyway. I hope men and women out there realize that relationships are supposed to be nurtured and that everybody deserves a second chance -- except for the shmuck that cheats, lies, and basically does nothing when their damsel is in distress.

DISCLAIMER: All characters, names, situations, and places used are purely fictitious. They are written for the purposes of enlightenment, criticism, and/or sheer entertainment. Any similarity to real people is simply coincidence. So get off my case already.

Situation Complicated: Your girlfriend/wife/partner/friend-with-benefits is on bed arrest because of the flu. Has been for days, the poor dear. You...

A) Call her up, make sure she's alright. Ask her if she wants you to hang around and care for her and stuff. Of course, she'll say no, because she wouldn't want you to catch whatever she has (that, or she doesn't want you to see her look like crap). So you agree with her and promise to come visit when she's all better;

B) Send her some flowers (don't forget to sign the card); or

C) Send thoughtful text messages while you're at work, swing by that Chinese restaurant you guys love so much, get some delish soup to go, serve it to your ailing loved one in bed, and snuggle with her after anyway. That's right -- snot, tangled hair, bad breath and all.

Answer: B was a decoy. Flowers would cheer us up on any other given day, but you probably shouldn't waste a perfectly fab boquet when our sinuses are acting up. Just a suggestion. So the best answer would have to be C -- caring message, Chinese take-out, canoodling. The three C's that might just save your equally ailing relationship.


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nicely done frizzy! you hit the nail on the head...it's all about communication! :P

frenchkys said...

...now if I could just get the men to understand it...

hahaha good luck to us all!