Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Top 5: Pick-Me-Uppers

Everyone gets those bummer days they wish they could skip altogether. Yesterday was one of mine. What helps me get through such crappy times? Here are my top five:

5. Food, food, food. Especially junk and sweets. So what if they're bad for your health (I'm only saying this because I'm not thinking straight; I'm all for healthy living). Admit it, when you're down in the dumps and you pop in that first French fry or Hershey's kiss in your mouth, it's like the pain just...melts in your mouth along with it.

4. Shopping, of course. It brightens up my day even if I'm not having a bad one to begin with.

3. Talking with a friend, or friends -- whatever distracts or consoles you better. Or just sitting there with them, not saying anything. Probably still munching away at the glorious spread of goodies they brought over to cheer you up.

2. Watching re-runs of Friends on DVD. I sat through the entire first season today; did me a whole lot of good while it lasted.

1. Good tunes. Nay, GREAT tunes. The past 24 hours, I've only been listening to Mêlée, Timbaland, Mute Math, and Kanye. Not exactly artists you'd expect to see in a single playlist, but they might as well be brothers from a different mother. Oh, what would I be without music...


Zooomabooma said...

A whole season of Friends in one day?!? Whoa. Very good way to spend a down and out day. I dunno about a whole season but many, many hours, sure... and for many different shows!

But no way on the food! Too easy to get caught in that trap of junk food gorging. Easily I could go to the grocery store and spend 50 bucks just on junk that's not good for a person.

Physical health's too important to be doin' that. Gotta save that yummy good stuff for only once or twice a month!

frenchkys said...

Haha I kinda had a feeling you were going to say that about food. No worries, I'm "cleansing" as I type. Err, I mean, I'm eating more responsibly. It was a day of weakness, my emotions got the best of me, what can I say.