Saturday, October 20, 2007

Vodka and Champagne Don't Mix

I swore off tequila shots and Goldschläger forever. And after last night, I thought I'd update my alocohol sh*t list by adding vodka to it. Never really liked the stuff. I still can't believe I had so much of it last night.

I haven't been buzzed like that in years. I thought I was fine until I threw up in a champagne ice bucket at Embassy Cuisine. Then again by the tree right outside. Then AGAIN when I got home at 4 in the morning. I even had to ask a friend to bring the car home for me. I hitched a ride with another friend (I love you Chyn!!!) instead. Oh me oh my. No vodka for me anytime soon, that's for sure.

My friend Giselle got even more plastered. Almost 12 hours later she's still throwing up, the poor thing. I feel like we're in college all over again. We're just getting too old for this. Last time I talked to her, she swore off alcohol altogether. For the umpteenth time. Ha ha

A shout out to all the people who "took care" of things last night at Embassy (err, this morning rather): Wan & Doggy, Chyn, Myks, Arux & Cholo -- you guys are my ambassadors of love!

Hey, it's a Saturday! See you all again tonight!

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