Sunday, October 21, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings 19

LunaNina says ... and I think ... ?

  1. Las Vegas :: HAVE to go there someday. Sara, I'm missing you already! Kisses to you, your mom, and Sergey. Have a safe trip back. Much love...
  2. Linus :: Linux OS -- that is the first thing that came to mind.
  3. Struck :: star- and love-.
  4. Movie :: Stardust was the last movie I saw in the theater. If you read the book first, too, you'd think it was alright. It would've been better if they cast someone else to play Yvaine. MUCH better. Claire Danes annoys the hell out of me.
  5. Anxious :: 2014. Long story. And a long ways away anyway.
  6. Bandit :: sticky bandits from the Home Alone movies.
  7. Picks :: guitar picks; I have quite a few.
  8. Lasso :: A friend and I saw a fake Ralph Lauren shirt at this store the other day and instead of the guy on a horse with a polo stick, he had a lasso up in the air. Hilarious!
  9. Dinner :: Talladega nights -- that's what my boyfriend and I call our "date" nights.
  10. Bargain :: I'm a fashionable pauper. I live for bargains and discounts. Divisoria, for example, is a haven for bargains in Metro Manila. Just like being a kid in a candy store.


Serena said...

You got me curious for 2014 now. Is that something to be anxious about? :D

Don said...

Great mutterings to read.

::find mine here::

frenchkys said...

Serena -- Didn't mean to inflict panic in others. LOL It has nothing to do with Nostradamus or the end of the world, I could tell you that much.

Hopefully, if I'm still blogging in 7 years, I get to tell the story. Ha ha Cheers!

Thanks for stopping by. You, too, Don!

Zooomabooma said...

Guitar picks, good one. So is sticky bandits from Home Alone! HAAA!!!! And Vegas is quite a site to see, fun city!

See ya :)