Tuesday, January 29, 2008

10 Things That Were Better "Way Back When"

1. Birthdays. Blowing of candles used to be so much fun. Now it's starting to become dreadful.

2. Quietly sitting in the passenger seat of the car. Now it's called backseat driving.

3. Junk food, butter, candies, chocolates. Back then, it was rewarding. Now it just all goes down to the hips.

4. Traffic. It simply wasn't this bad before.

5. Courtesy. I'd like to say it's still very much alive.

6. Spoken/written word. The way people talked before, it was just so romantic and intense. Now, it's all about the shizzle.

7. The Earth. We have got to get crackin' with this Global Warming business. Seriously.

8. Family sit down dinners and weekend getaways. As you get older, it's harder to stay put I guess. Always moving around, relying on digital communication to connect with loved ones, restless as modern-day zombies.

9. Bus rides. The school bus ride home was always the highlight of my school day. Riding along with friends, laughing, gossiping, without a care in the world. Now, riding the bus is just plain old boring.

10. Serenades. In our culture, it's called the Harana -- men actually sing outside your window to get your attention. Now, they just walk up to you and start macking and touching. How about a little romance, guys???


Mo said...

all about the shizzle

made me laugh, because it's so shizzley-bob true!

frenchkys said...

Maybe if I wasn't so lost in the language, I wouldn't be complaining about it in the first place. Shizzle. LOL

Thanks for stopping by, Mo. You rock, as always. ;)