Sunday, January 13, 2008

On Sluts, Spreads, And Paradise

LunaNina says ... and I think ... ?

  1. Dream big :: Always good advise.
  2. Competition :: Also good, but if I could avoid it, I will.
  3. Torn :: That Natalie Imbruglia song.
  4. Modeling :: Something I'll probably never do. Oh wait, I modeled my hair for like one magazine stint, but I don't know. That doesn't count because I wrote the article, too. That's just too much publicity, that one.
  5. Coaster :: Bigger than a van, but not quite a bus.
  6. Slut :: Oh my, so many names, so little time. I'd say home-wreckers in general.
  7. Spread :: Kraft Cheez Whiz is the BOMB. I had a cousin who came home from the States last year and when he went back, he packed a lot of Cheez Whiz bottles in his luggage LOL I think a couple of them even broke in transit! It's especially great with beef or pork steak sandwiches.
  8. Amanda :: Bynes, the Ugly Betty character who everyone just loves to hate (I personally think she's quirky and fun), Peet, Jones (I don't know her, but there's bound to be one, right?).
  9. Romance :: Everyone needs it. Not everybody deserves it. Exhibit A: Sluts from #6.
  10. Paradise :: Beach house on an almost deserted island, white cotton sheets, clear blue skies, cool breeze, ice blended fruit concoctions with bendy straws and little umbrellas, good beats, and Angelo.


Mrs Coetser said...

I have modeled twice - once as a teenager for local talent contest it was a group thing and once after I had my baby - they needed "fuller" figures.

Thanks for stopping by.

frenchkys said...

Full figures ROCK!!! Thanks, too. See you around!