Friday, February 22, 2008

My Top 5: Dream Jobs

I've ping-ponged a lot with the kind of work I've been doing. Jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none, to put it ever so accurately. But I see it as a good thing, I suppose; willing to try anything, coming home from work with a big smile on my face for putting in grade A effort, and even excelling at certain skill sets that I never even realized I had. Customer Service and Sales, for instance, were fields that I did pretty well in. I did that for three solid years. Right out of college. On the NIGHT shift for the most part. But I learned I just wasn't really for the whole big corporation, laminated-title-on-desk kind of job.

Interacting with the people I worked with was crucial. I seemed to get along with everybody. Quite well, in fact, that I may have brought home the "most popular" or "miss congeniality" awards at almost every job I had. The tricky part was ALWAYS management. Sure, they liked me, and I even liked some of the people I worked FOR, but hey, "like" doesn't quite cut it.

Bottomline is, it was never compartmentalized for me. I couldn't just do my job and ignore the less than ideal people I worked with/for. And therein lies the problem. Like I said, big ass corporation setting with big ass egotistical power-tripping fiends ready to pounce on the next poor novice on the rise? So not my scene. I'm a Pisces -- I'm stubborn, creative, oozing with drama. I wasn't born for such confined, strict situations. The stars say so, and I kind of believe them.

A good friend of mine actually did a recent post about her top five dream jobs, and I thought I haven't really done any Top 5's lately, so why not do one today. Creative writing, movies, traveling, and music are my greatest passions in life (I was going to include fashion, too, but I'd settle for just buying, wearing, and admiring them). And if I ended up with at least one of these jobs, It would just be...the most natural thing. Simple, and at the same time complicated, as that.

5. A Travel Channel correspondent, a roadie, an airline carrier marshal -- any gig that would pay me to travel and experience different things. That's just awesome right there. I remember watching this show on the Discovery Channel when I was little. I think it was called Travelers where three of the six mainstay hosts go to a particular city or country and just discover, admire, share, live the local life.

4. Food/Music/Movie Critic. People would actually listen to or read what I have to say about things and take it to heart. I've reviewed music, movies, and restaurants before, got significant compensation for my work (not to mention a full belly and a satisfied artistic mind), and to be able to do that for the rest of my life? Wow. Become a member of some kind of film board or motion picture association and be somehow involved in post-production, film festivals, and just watch movies

3. A Teacher. Whether it's creative writing or preschool, I think passing on knowledge is a sure-fire way to affect and help people. The classroom setting was always appealing to me. But to be a part of the students' lives year after year, wave after wave of classes...its the greatest honor in the world. So, give it up to all the teachers (yes, even the mean ones)!

2. Sponsored Volunteer. For any humanitarian or environmental effort. To go around the country and the world and help in any way that I can. Of course, I'll need resources to help me go from one place to another and EAT and buy deodorant and feminine products and stuff, but that's what the "sponsored" bit is all about. Just give me food, shelter, and some change for transportation expenses, and I am so off to save the world one animal, tree, person at a time.

1. Nomadic Troubadour. If there was such a job title. Kind of like an Alex Supertramp for musicians except "into the wild" for me would mean "on every street corner, stage, and theater." This is possibly the farthest thing from boring office work that I can think of. Farthest AND coolest. All the world's a stage indeed.

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