Thursday, February 21, 2008

On Free Music, Pigtails, And Wannabes

LunaNina said three days ago ... and I thought ... ?

  1. Passport :: US & Canadian Visas. Damn those things. Damn them to hell!@#$% Well, not really. As long as they give it to me, then I'm a happy camper.
  2. Small world :: Everywhere is walking/swimming long as you got the time.
  3. Radio :: Free music for ALL!
  4. Marine :: Life. Whales, manatees, dolphins, fishies big and small -- love them. I also love sushi (I have barbaric tendencies, what can I say).
  5. Wall :: Wall = Barricade = Decepticon. Did I mention I have ADD tendencies, too?
  6. Wanna be :: Wasn't that a Spice Girls song once upon a time?
  7. Pigtails :: Yes, I sported them a lot back in the day. What, I have really thick hair!
  8. Hyphen :: Something I'll use in my name when I get married. (e.g. Fritz Aritha Dorado-Hawke, if/when I get married to Ethan)
  9. 9.99 :: If it had a dollar or peso sign at the beginning, I'd cough it up in exchange of really hot merchandise.
  10. Unrated :: Can sometimes be good.

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