Thursday, April 3, 2008

Improv Everywhere: They Cause Scenes

New York has it all -- Ms. Liberty, Broadway, Sex and the City, the Yankees, The Donald. It also spawned a highly creative group of street thespians that aim to wow and please. Let me stop you right there; I'm not talking about hookers, you perv.

Improv Everywhere is Charlie Todd's brainchild. His objective? Bring chaos AND joy to New York City...and beyond. Here's a little taste of their witty artistry. It may as well be one of the best and biggest pranks ever pulled. The applause at the end says it all. Check out "Frozen Grand Central." Eerie? Awesome? You decide.

"Food Court Musical" is the latest addition to their repertoire. Someone left a comment for this video and said that if life was a musical, there'd be absolutely no need for weed. And I agree. All food courts should have this kind of entertainment, don't you think? Moral of the story: burst into song whenever, wherever.

With ongoing global roundup efforts, I'm pretty sure they'll be up to something in a city near you really soon.

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