Saturday, April 5, 2008

I've Reached Melting Point

It gets up to about 35°C during the day over here and down to a measly 28°C at night. Weather experts say we're expecting a [series of?!?] heat wave in the coming days/weeks. I mean, how could it possibly get any hotter than it is now? Oh, right. Forecasts mention reaching up to 39°C...or worse. OMG. I think my legs are detaching themselves from my body and actually melting before my eyes.

To get my mind off the heat, or at least stop worrying about melting from the feet up, I've decided to do a few things to improve the situation. Here's what I've done so far...

5. Got reacquainted with the A/C repair guy. His name is Rusty and he's been our A/C go-to guy for a couple of years now. His shop is like a 3-minute drive from my house, which is great. For the most part of the year, he and I really don't talk or see each other. But as soon as March/April kicks in, I've got him on speed dial. Today was just one of those Rusty-the-A/C-guy kick-offs. He and his associates were at my house in a flash as soon as I made the call. Had my gramps' (bless his soul) A/C checked and it's super cool now. My brother had his A/C fixed, too, but his won't be done until Monday (ha!). My mom's pretty happy because she's got like a 2.5 horsepower Condura all to herself and it's working fine. Thank God for A/C.

4. Stocked up on ice. I don't make the ice myself, but let's just say I've made sure the fridge never runs out of it (it better not or else I'll die!).

3. Multiple cold showers. At least three times a day since Thursday. Sure, as soon as I step out of the shower I start sweating again, but at least I smell nice.

2. Made arrangements for the ice cream guy to drive by the house every afternoon on the weekends and deliver the good stuff. I don't even care about the flavor anymore (that's not entirely true). As long as I have a cone/cup/drumstick/pint in my hand by 4 in the afternoon, I'm a happy albeit melting camper.

1. Moonbathe. Nightswimming in this weather is the bomb. That's my goofy brother, by the way, and that's me behind him about to take a splash. I think the heat is making us a little cuckoo, too.

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