Tuesday, May 13, 2008

10 On Tuesday: Things I'm Really Good At

This one's a little tricky. But OK, I'll bite. Here are 10 [of the countless LOL] things I'm really good at...

1. Impromptu storytelling. But for some reason, I'm better with fiction than real accounts. With a pretty huge...imagination, I guess it comes with the territory.

2. Taking pictures of myself. It's harder than some might think. I've taught a good few how to angle the face and take a decent picture...with a little preview of the background as well. And I've been doing this long before cellphone with cameras or those anorexic digicams, mind you -- those are easy.

3. Touching my toes. I am pretty flexible. Some might look at me and think I can't do it, but they're dead wrong. I can touch my toes, kick really high, do back bends, hand stands. I did splits, too (I haven't done that recently so I wouldn't know if I still could). But all in all, I'm pretty flexible. So, a piece of advise: don't go judging people by their waistlines. ;)

4. Cheering people up. I did a lot of cheerleading (minus the extreme acrobatics) in grade school and high school. I was loud, upbeat, and infectious. I guess now, I still have a little of that in me. In some instances, a lot. Making others laugh, forget about their problems even for just a short while, and feel better about themselves makes me feel good about myself.

5. The written word. I love writing. I'm a pretty creative person, I'd say. Generally, I think that if you love something a lot, you know in your heart it's good (even when it isn't).

6. Copywriting. This is very much related to #5. I have to be good at this, because it's only what I do for a living. I like to write, read, and edit stuff simultaneously. I like coming up with witty tag lines and headers. Sure, I am capable of corny just like the next guy, but in the end, I rock it out.

7. Sounding pretty. Everyone knows I love to sing. I happen to think I have a pretty decent singing voice. And my speaking voice ain't so bad either. I mean, I've done a few dubbing and recording stints in the past. And for some reason, people like to hear me read stuff out loud (yes, I've been asked to do this many, many, many times). So, I guess I do sound pretty.

8. Shopping. And buying fabulous stuff that don't really cost much. I can do this with my eyes closed.

9. Drinking with/as much as the boys. I'm not even going to expound on this because I KNOW some/one of you will contest. The rest of you would just have to take my word for it.

10. Planning. At one time, I had like 2 organizers -- one in my bag and one on my desk -- plus an electronic calendar (I got it as a present and I thought it was really cool), a wall calendar, and post-its splattered all around my room with crazy ass reminders. And that was only in high-school. I'm a born planner. I love to keep things organized...even if it's just on the surface. I'm a wreck deep, deep down, but to appear highly organized despite of that? I think that's just pure talent.

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