Tuesday, June 10, 2008

10 On Tuesday: Things That Annoy The Hell Outta Me About Work

I haven't exactly been in a typical office setting for a while now, but I definitely remember how things go. Working from home can be an advantage, especially when I think about the things that annoy the hell out of me when working the corporate scene:

1. Kiss-ass colleagues. Nothing could be more annoying than that. What makes them worse than scum of the Earth? When they kiss ass AND pull you down so they could get ahead. Grrr. Office politics -- never a good thing in my book.

2. Power-tripping supervisors. Sure, some are nice. But some are just egotistic and, worse, MEAN. Power is a very tricky thing to possess, indeed.

3. Cut-backs and blatant lies. "Come work with us and you'll also get unlimited supply of coffee." "As long as you finish your job for the day, you can go home anytime." "I'm sorry, we will need you to share a work station with [put name of the most boring person in the office here]." "You can't snack while working anymore." Not snack while working?!? Are you insane?!? And I'm sure those newly installed 180-degree cameras weren't mounted on the walls for OUR own safety. Puhleaze, I've heard it all. And I'm just annoyed as hell whenever I do. Keep your promises, why don't you. And stop sugar-coating your excuses when all you really want is for us to suffer!

4. Groping and smelly pits. It's 7 in the morning on the metro/subway/train. Don't people use deodorants anymore? Don't they SHOWER anymore?!? Has anyone ever heard of personal space? I know it's the rush hour, but you don't have to grope, do you? DO YOU?!?

5. Limited breaks. I firmly believe that a happy worker works hard when they are well-rested, well-compensated, and inspired. Sure, the usual 9-5 is mandatory; you have to report to work everyday. But you can't limit the working class with just two 15-minute breaks (the 1-hour lunch is OK, I guess). I say take all the time you need on your breaks. But at the end of the day, you better deliver the goods. That's all I'm saying.

6. Kiss-ass colleagues. I just wanted to stress how truly annoying these people are. Really.

7. Having to work on a holiday or a scheduled off-day. I mean, come on. People are feasting, drinking, opening presents, and setting off fireworks out the window. How do you expect us to work like that? Productivity could only be low, and you know it. Why make us suffer, you sadistic, power-tripping son of a...

8. Payroll disputes and accounting discrepancies. I know math sucks, but we're talking about wages here. You can't get it wrong. You just can't.

9. Office gossip. Especially when it's about me. Get back to work, why don't you.

10. Not having one. Or having to quit one because of all of the above.


Keri said...

Wow.. I could agree with a lot of those... My main one though is the old lady hag that won't answer the freakin phone when it's her main job!

Teena in Toronto said...

I hate smelly people ... ew!!

I played too!

frenchkys said...


Thanks for stopping by! ;)