Sunday, June 29, 2008

On Teamwork And Getting Things Done Faster

LunaNina says ... and the Doctor and I think ... ?

  1. Loneliness :: A song by Laura Pausini. One of the first songs I learned on guitar.
  2. Traffic :: suburbanites to blame.
  3. Chaos :: like baking a cake, you have to break some eggs.
  4. Burp :: rude but necessary.
  5. 500 :: Number of times I burp in a day.
  6. Movie :: bow down and thank star wars for everything.
  7. Coma :: limbo.
  8. Bark :: not as bad as a bite.
  9. Stare :: rude AND unecessary.
  10. Angelina :: please, anything but jolie. so sick of hearing about her. bleech. (Jolie rocks!)


Hootin' Anni said...

I like your association with coma. Interesting response. And your #10? Here too [sick of hearing about her]'s like she and her hubby are the only celebs on the planet. Big hairy deal.

Mine are up.

frenchkys said...

My friend, who helped me answer today's mutterings, is tired of her. I'm not. lol

Jean at Penny Lane said...

Well, your answers are certainly interesting!
Funny comment about Star Wars.
Coma/limbo -- very good association.
Very clever about bark!

Hope you can stop by mine.

Mary Jane said...

Cool post!!!