Sunday, July 6, 2008

On Indecent Proposals, Lipsticks, And The Real Doctor

LunaNina says ... and the Doctor and I think ... ?

1. Notification :: ...emails. Sometimes they can get a little annoying though.
2. Cheat :: do, or do not. you still have to wait until november for the dvd to come out. (on Season 4 of Doctor Who)
3. Top Ten:: having one is never enough.
4. Draft :: rough, just the way good writers like it.
5. Unbelievable :: "The things, you say, your purple prose just gives you away. The things you say, you're UNBELIEVABLE" ~ INXS
6. Cheap :: comments made to fill the void, and nothing more.
7. Spontaneous :: wait, let me think about this first.
8. Harass :: Men who offer to buy your hair. Creepy, no?
9. Lipstick :: Toast Of New York. My girl friends and I used to love that shade.
10. Transpire :: hang on, it could happen.


Hootin' Anni said...

rough draft....good one!!!

I've muttered. Hope you can drop by.

Nina said...

Another Dr. Who fan!!! My 1st mutterings has been posted.

Have a great day!

Sandy M said...

Awesome mutterings. Have a great week!

frenchkys said...

Anni -- Yeah, I liked that, too. ;)

Nina -- Wow! Welcome to the UM circle! Have you been following season 4 though? Saturday's finale just blew me away. I miss the Doctor already...

Sandy -- Loved yours, too. Hope to see you here again soon.

Happy mutterings, everyone! ;)