Tuesday, August 5, 2008

10 On Tuesday: Events That Should Be In The Olympics

I'm uncertain if some of these are not already in the Olympics. I do think most are recognized as sports by the International Olympics Committee, but not as actual Olympic events. So, I think all of these should be included anyway. Why? Well, why not?

1. Bowling. Remember my freak bowling accident that left me in crutches for weeks? If people get injured playing a sport, I think that's reason enough to consider it in the Olympics.

2. Surfing.

3. [American] Football. The way I see it, if American Football was in the Olympics, people like me who live all the way over here would have a better appreciation of the game. You say football, and all we hear/see/play is soccer.

4. Marco Polo. In an Olympic-sized pool. Sounds like fun already.

5. Tug of War. I don't understand why they even pulled out the sport in the first place (pardon the pun).

6. Skateboarding. And other Xtreme Sports while you're at it.

7. Sumo Wrestling.

8. Booby Trap Relay. Like what they do on American Gladiators or Takeshi's Castle. It can't just be serious all the time, you know? People also want to be entertained. Immensely.

9. Cup Stacking. Also known as sport stacking or speed stacking, is an actual sport, believe it or not. The new world records of fastest cups stacked in the Cycle and 3-3-3 divisions are done by the reigning WSSA World Sport Stacking Champion, 10-year-old Filipino Steven Purugganan, who's also the 3-6-3 champ.

10. Twister. Where everyone gets a gold medal.

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