Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mix Tape: First Stop LAX

Title: California
Artist: Phantom Planet
Dedication: Finally...


Here we come!


Barbara Doduk said...

Nice, I have yet to try that program.

Happy WW

B @ The Love Blog

gpc said...

Very cool!

spongebabe said...

do you still play cassette tapes these days?

frenchkys said...

Hardly! I like the virtual ones though (like this one). ;)

When I write songs, I mainly use this digital recorder. But sometimes, I like to go old school -- tape recorder. Hehe

Thanks for stopping by, guys. Cheers!

spongebabe said...

aha! write songs pala ha! you should post a sample on your blog. wag kang sakim, cge na. hehehe.