Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New White House...New Beginning

I just wanted to share an email I got from a dear friend of the family's about today's momentous turn of events. These are her thoughts...

"This generation is for the young; it is their future. As one good friend just texted me, her "son is rejoicing!" The young ones are for Barack Obama. Their gears were so oiled for this election. This brought unprecedented results...electoral votes way surpassed the mark...way beyond is amazing! Watching the final tabs, I hoped 'til the end I was going to see a miracle. Apparently, he is not my choice or my friends' choice, but he will be my President - our President! We hope the best for him. We hope he goes moderate. We hope that 'neighborliness,' the true meaning of it, is defined. Not a hollow rhetoric, but it translates that the White House is for the people. He ran a brilliant campaign - hope that brilliance he channels into good use. That eloquence I admire. He may not be as bad being the President. Hope he surrounds himself with good people, not the pattern of associations he had in the past, nor pressures for gains of people who helped him to the White House. Otherwise, our children and their elation, admiration, and trust for him will be in quenched. Great evil can happen when truth is at the mercy of political pressures. The consequence? I don't even want to think about it now. We go back to our knees and pray. Diligently pray! God bless America!" ~ Star

On the plane back to LA from Portland tonight, a bunch of people (those in their 20's to their 40's), were all rejoicing as one of the stewardesses announced that Obama was leading. I was very excited for them -- for all Americans. Change is upon you. This next chapter in your history is very bright. I am only here for another 4 months, but I will definitely be back many, many times after this. I've always envied your people's ardor for freedom, justice, and country. I am with you all in prayers. God bless yours, mine, and the whole world.

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